Black Swan Halloween Makeup Tutorial!

This makeup was done by the talented Sharon Chen, and modeled by the beautiful Iris Cheng!
One more re-post for Halloween- an easy and chic “black swan” look that is sure to make an entrance!  
This look is actually quite simple- and a very beautiful dramatic effect can be achieved in less than thirty minutes! There were many black swan costumes the night that we celebrated together- and Iris’ makeup along with the added dramatic effect of the feathers made hers the best by far! 
Though most of the Halloween partying was done on the weekend, there may still be a few of you wanting to celebrate in the next few days- or those who prefer makeup styles that are a bit more wild than the average person on a daily basis!
There are many very good makeup tutorials for this look on youtube-but my favorites are the ones by Bombarum, CarrosBeauty and Michelle Phan.
Sharon also used eyeliner on Iris’s hands in a vein-like pattern to create an added effect, and used eyelash glue to stick the feathers there as part of the entire look.
All you need is white base makeup, black eyeliner, a bit of silver sparkle or silver eyeliner, plum colored blush (to accentuate the cheekbones) and dark red lipstick! 

The finished look:

Happy Halloween!



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