Leaving Old Oakland Behind

Oakland downtown 1922
Downtown Oakland circa 1923 in my Old Neighborhood

It never ceases to amaze me just how much can happen in such a short amount of time! Over the past week and a half, I finally found a fantastic apartment (after many months of searching!), I was violently mugged at gunpoint, I attended my boss’ wedding, and also had quite a few difficulties and makeups with friends and other people in my life. Now I can take a moment to breathe!

Was it perhaps that Mercury was in retrograde? In that case, it may not have been the best idea for me to move into a new apartment with a housemate that I just met, but perhaps the next few days will tell if that was really a mistake! So far, it seems like a fantastic choice- (my housemate is great, and I love the apartment, and my lease is month-to-month, so it doesn’t feel like there could be too much wrong with that! And I also feel a bit better knowing that I am moving away from the area where I was mugged!) But as for the difficulties in communication and misunderstandings that kept happening- that certainly did seem strange, and now that the retrograde is over, it feels like communication is suddenly back to normal! Weird. I never used to pay even the slightest bit of attention to anything that was even the tiniest hint of being mystical, but I find it fun to entertain the possibilities of things like that being true.

Over the past couple of weeks I had also been having a hard time moving out of the place I lived in before- a funky old building with bay windows and pink walls in the heart of downtown Oakland- that had been there for a hundred years! (The neighborhood is actually called “Old Oakland” for all the historic buildings that are there). But it wasn’t just the cute and funky apartment that was giving me separation anxiety, it was also leaving behind my relationship of the past two and a half years that was particularly challenging- but still, very necessary. Though it took a while for us to finally be in separate living situations and finalize the break up that had been pending for months, I’m really glad that we took the time we needed, as now we are still close friends, and can both accept that though we make fantastic buddies, we don’t really work out so well in a romantic partnership.

And now I writing this from my new apartment in a fantastic neighborhood in Oakland near Lake Merritt, and no matter what the astrological timing tells me, it feels right.

What do you think about the idea of mercury being in retrograde? Believe it or leave it?



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