So… Today’s My Birthday…

“OMG! someone put these leaves out here for me because it’s my birthday!” (just kidding, just kidding)
         Birthdays in my days of childhood were always fantastic- and often meant new Barbies to play with, a fun themed party, and playing with lots of friends in a sparkly pink haze of tiaras and ribbons- but being an adult now, and so involved with fashion and the world of beauty and aesthetics, getting older can often hold a very negative meaning. 
         With the constant bombardment of the quest for eternal youthfulness in magazine articles, teenage models in ad campaigns and other media that you often find within aspects of the fashion world, getting closer to leaving my twenties has seemed a little frightening at times I’ll admit. But, in a recent shift in mindset- for the first time in my life, I am actually no longer worried about leaving behind a title of “being young” or “youthful” or even being called “a girl”. Though at 27 I still have a bit of time to go before I am officially “older” by nearly any definition of the word, I am still very aware that is it often regarded that at 30, frivolousness and playfulness and the limitless adventures of young womanhood must be left behind, for a serious focus on work and building a family. 
        And though I do want to build a stable career and a family- eventually, I can see now so much clearer than I did only a few years ago that our lives are not structured by age and specific numbers, but the experiences we choose to be a part of, and the things we seek out and pursue that let us move forward. And now, rather than feeling an increasing panic over getting closer to thirty, I am able to take this time to reflect upon what I am grateful for in my life the way it is now and how much I have accomplished so far! I also find myself really looking forward to things that I will experience in years to come- like building my career (as expected, but in the ways I want it to be!), having children, and watching the people that I love grow and change along with me, all the while knowing that things will likely not turn out the way I expect, and that’s okay. 
       So many times I hear people say that it’s really in your late twenties that you truly start to figure out who you are and become much more comfortable in your own skin, and after the past few years of confusion, realizations, and so much self-discovery, I really feel that this is true! 
       And as far as fashion goes, I think it’s pretty obvious that no matter how old I get (and waaaaay past my twenties, thirties, forties, etc), my style will pretty much stay the same! 
       In the spirit of getting older (and only more fabulous with time), I leave with you with this, and the promise to myself that no matter what age I am, I will always be the same fun-loving, silly, adventurous person, and always take the same fashion risks!
P.S. Tonight I am hosting a party at my new place, which will be “gentleman” themed- (meaning everyone- women included, dresses like a gentleman!) Photos coming soon! 

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