That Crazy Blue Pixie

Happy Holidays!

Are you finding these last few days before Christmas fun and exciting, or totally overwhelming and stressful? (I think I might be somewhere in-between at the moment!)

Although I haven’t had the chance yet to snap up some photos of my new ‘do on my SLR, I thought I would add these few close ups from my phone for the time being. After being mugged, I decided to get the iphone 5s, and it takes some pretty nice shots! I like how these are a bit softer than the crisp lines of the SLR, and produce images that look a bit more like drawings or paintings than higher quality digital photos, without being too pixelated and fuzzy.

People have been asking me a lot lately about how to dye my hair this color, so I think I will be adding a tutorial soon! I think it’s really fun to play around with different colors- and am really enjoying the blue! It’s also a lot shinier and more iridescent in person, changing from a bright turquoise to a vibrant royal blue to a sort of electric teal with different lighting and from varying angles.

But now I need to finish up my holiday gifts! (More coming soon!)

Merry Christmas!



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