The End of 2013.

2013 has been a year of many changes- a time of so many overwhelming new tests and challenges. It has also been a year for growth and the building of strength in pushing past so many difficulties. For me, it has certainly been a time of struggle, but also a beginning of exciting new things. 
So at the end of the year I can now take this time to reflect on what changes I seen in the past twelve months, which steps I have taken to move forward, and the things I want in the year to come. And my only resolution would be that in the coming year I want to do whatever it takes to have as much happiness, creativity and love in my life as possible- which will mean a lot of experimentation, risk-taking, and throughout everything, letting myself be vulnerable and open (which I decided to start with this small set of intimate and emotionally revealing self-portraits that I took in my bedroom- and am very pleased with the result!)
I think 2014 will be full of so many wonderful things, don’t you?  

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