A Celebration of the New Year

I keep on saying to myself that really, I have no resolutions for the beginning of the New Year, but one thing that I would like to do is make a full catch-up on all the videos and photos that I have taken in the past year and have still not yet posted! (And also, try to post future videos and photos sooner after they are taken!)

This is one particularly fun video that I just came across, shot one year ago in Taipei with my closest friends, talking about how happy we were to be together in the New Year and to share that moment of moving into the future as good friends. This New Year’s Eve in celebrating 2014 was spent in a similar fashion, having a quiet night of drinks and a lovely talk with one of my very close friends- sharing our feelings and thoughts of what we would want to accomplish and focus on in the upcoming months. There was no loud party, no overflowing champagne or glittering gowns, just the two of us, taking a moment to reflect and look thoughtfully into our futures.

Looking back on 2013, I realize now that there are so many projects and photo-shoots that I was able to be a part of this year, and so much happened overall that I didn’t have the time or energy to share it all with you! So, I have decided that the first order of business for this year is to finally post everything for you to see! Better late than never, right?

Happy New Year!

Love always,


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