Sailor Dreams and Retro Scenes

Nearly one year ago I returned to the United States from Taiwan, ready to finally “settle down” after many years of traveling, and establish myself in the world of writing, art and fashion. Though I was so happy and excited to be starting a new life in the Bay Area, at the same time I was was immediately missing Taipei, and the constant thrill of traveling and living abroad. I promised myself that even though it was important to try to stick in one place for a little while to start a career, I would never give up traveling and always fill my life with adventure. 
Soon after I joined a creative writing class- something I had wanted to do for many years but was too timid to actually attempt, and absolutely loved it more than anything else I had ever studied! (This led me to believe that coming back to live in the U.S. was a great decision in the end!) In the class I met a fantastically intelligent and vibrant girl- who intrigued me with her stories of sailing and life on the water. We became good friends almost instantly, and had a wonderful connection that I find is very rare with most people that I meet! 
It was then that Glenda mentioned that she wanted to go on another trip- (sailing through Southeast Asia) but this time she wanted to bring someone along with her….me! And just a couple of nights ago, on the eve of the new year we discussed the possibility once again, and may be making the trip in just a few months! 
It’s still in the initial planning stages, but the possibility of sailing around the world sounds like the adventure that I have always dreamed of- and an opportunity not to be missed.
While going through my photos from the past year that I had taken but not yet posted, I found this little practice set I had created trying to style an ultra- kawaii sailor dress from Taiwan- super short, and totally feminine! I thought it would create a fun and silly contrast to the idea of actually sailing, haha! 
I will let you know more as the now- unsure plans become set in stone…hopefully soon! 
Have you ever been asked to be a part of a wild and exciting adventure?
P.S. You may have noticed that I am playing around now with new blog header ideas…I don’t really like this one, but I may end up with something similar. It’s time for a new look! 

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