One of my favorite pictures from a showroom photo-shoot I did with a co-worker a few months back.

Hello again- it’s been a while! It’s been a rough road, but it’s good to be back.

As you may know, the fashion showroom that I was working for (in my ultimate dream job!) closed down last month, and suddenly I was left, hanging- feeling like I was about to careen off the edge of a cliff and  tumble downward into the abyss of indefinite joblessness. But now, after about a month of the soul-searching, constant ups and downs and other struggles of being on my own, I feel like I can look back on my time at the showroom with a feelings of confidence rather than panic, knowing that the experience that I gained working directly with designers and buyers and understanding the market will help me move forward toward something else equally exciting, and possibly even better!

However, creating this shift in attitude hasn’t been easy! Because of this setback, the last month has really felt like a difficult time for getting things on track , and sometimes this insecurity paired with my deep-seeded desire for perfection prevents me from actually making any posts at all! But, of course, the only way to actually keep updating is to go with the attitude, “okay, this is good enough, I’m just going to post it anyway!” and take it from there.

And so again, I remind myself:


Think about it, mull it over in your head, let the meaning wash over you, and now…GO CREATE SOMETHING!

I am happy to say that even in my lack up blog updates, I have been drawing a lot more recently! I think I may soon be integrating some artwork into my posts. We will see!

Moving forward toward better things,


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