Back to blonde

With summer closely approaching, and after finding myself in a place where I was a few months from my last change, I decided that it was time to switch things up once again!

Platinum blonde was the color of choice this time around, but only after much deliberation, and many shades of pink, orange and peach in between! Originally I had planned to go for a rosy, dusty peachy pink color that I thought looked fantastic on so many people and made a bold, yet feminine fashion statement, but once I perfected that same color on my own hair I was horrified to find that it was the exact same color of my skin- and looked absolutely awful! It was the hair equivalent of someone with tan skin wearing a tan-colored t-shirt- which would otherwise be known as NOT a good combination.

All in all- even though it ended up somewhere totally and completely different from where I originally meant it to be, I think it turned out to be a home hair color success!



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