Wide Awake

Photography by Dante Miguel

It’s been a very very long time… so much has happened since I last logged on and published a post here! People often ask me where the name “Spark and Fizzle” comes from, and my answer to them is that it is a way of accurately describing my relationship with creativity in my life. There are so many bright sparks of excitement and passion, always followed by the lull of a lack of inspiration, and I knew that in creating this blog, that was sure to happen. The name is a reminder to be easy on myself through all the sparks and fizzles, and continue to post and share even when the posting may be inconsistent and scattered to some degree. And always, with creativity and all pursuits that are not absolutely necessary for day-to-day survival, it is inevitable that one way or another, life will get in the way.

In the past couple of months I experienced the tragic death of a family member, the very sad end of my first lesbian relationship, and took part in lots and lots of photo-shoots- not to mention two runway shows! So as life may be throwing some punches into the mix, as least I have had the chance to explore quite a bit with modeling! This has been a way to unleash the overflowing rushes of creativity I experience from time to time through a completely new medium- using my body as the tool in which I create. And it seems to be going well so far- I’ve just been given the news I will be appearing in two magazines soon, and am lined up several shoots over the next few weeks, which, of course, means lots of great photos to show you!

There are so many things constantly running through my mind and so much that I want to say- I just need to find the time to say it all! Sometimes I forget that anyone else really reads any of this but me, but I am grateful to still have so many people interested in the various happenings of my life, so I will make a greater effort to share it all with you.

Now I just have to figure out what to say first- there’s just so much to share…!

Until next time,


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