Witchy Woman

As promised, some photos to show you! This particular shoot was a lot of fun for me for many reasons- partially because I was able to do all of the styling and modeling along with choosing the setting (which was great because I can be a bit of a control freak!) and also because the location I chose was actually a familiar and nostalgic place for me, a place where I spent many summers swimming and playing as a kid.

I always have a lot of fun on photoshoots like this where I am able to just get creative and experiment- and I think that the vision of a sort of fairytale mysticism I had in my mind for these pictures came through just as I imagined they would! This was my second shoot with the talented Alex of La Donna Photography, and it was great to be able to collaborate with him after getting to know each other a little on our first shoot together a couple of months ago.

Since then, I have participated in a few other shoots including lots of boudoir sets, a fashion show and a couple of other creative endeavors, but I have been much better at sharing those photos through instagram in a timely fashion than I have on here! (I definitely become a bit more of a perfectionist when it comes to writing and composing a full post- but I suppose a little imperfection is better than a lack of updates!) These will be up soon, and are a little bit more provocative than the previous shoots-especially with the inclusion of all the boudoir photos I have been doing recently- but have been a fun way to act out a variety of alter-egos, ranging from a cheeky pinup girl to a smoldering seductress, to a vampy vixen, to a playful young starlet. This has actually been a lot of fun for me as I’m not particularly modest about my body and love to try new things however possible, but the results certainly appear to be a lot more scandalous than my previous photos, so take note that you’ve been warned!

I hope these pictures can help you escape the Monday afternoon blues and imagine the world through a different perspective- full of magic, enchantment, and fantasy and wonder!

Creatively yours,


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