"Eyeball Monster" Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The finished look on my housemate, Rose!

Halloween is almost here! Need a wild and fantastic costume that costs less than $10 and will be sure to impress (and freak out) your friends? Make yourself into an eyeball monster! 
This year my housemate Rose asked me if I would do her makeup for her Halloween costume, and of course, I said YES! The idea began as a way to honor Rose’s love of all things eyeballs, and was inspired by this fantastic look, here
However, all the links I found for this and similar creations didn’t show any tutorials of how to go about making this incredible creation, so I thought I would practice doing this look on myself before transforming Rose this Friday evening- and in the process, make my own eyeball Halloween makeup tutorial!
All you need is a cheap Halloween makeup kit and a some dollar-store black liquid eyeliner (I think Wet n’wild has a liquid liner for less than $2, as well as Forever 21) .
Let’s get started! 

Step 1: Use a green face paint to create a base for the skin tone, avoiding the spots where the eyes will be painted. Fill in these areas with eye-shaped splotches of white paint. 

Step 2: Paint a circle in the middle of each white splotch for the color of the iris (I chose blue). At this point you may look like a confused clown, but don’t worry, it will look better soon! 

Step 3: Using a black liquid eyeliner, trace around the outline of each eye, and paint a black pupil in the center. This may take a little patience, and you may need to use a blow-dryer to help the green and white face paint beforehand. 

Step 4: Paint eyelashes around each eye, using the liquid liner. (This is actually much easier than it looks, but takes a while! Be patient- the eyelashes really enhance the look!) Once you have finished the lashes, use the white face paint to paint a “reflection” splotch in each eye near the pupil to give the eyes more definition. You may also want to use the green paint to go fill-in areas that have rubbed off,  to refine the look. 

And there you have it! This look is actually much easier than it seems, but just takes a slightly steady hand and lots of patience to complete- I would give yourself an hour or so to make sure you have more than enough time to make it look as fantastic as possible. 
If you want to add a little extra flair, paint on some red lipstick as well, like I did! And if you really want to go all out, you can use false eyelashes to enhance the look like it is done here and here, but lashes tend to be very expensive, and fall off easily when applied over paint, so I decided to stick with just face paint for my version of this creep-tastic costume. 
I’m going to be doing the final version on Rose tomorrow, and will take a couple of snapshots then as well and post them below for a fun comparison. 
I hope you like this crazy Halloween makeup look, and have a wonderful and safe Halloween! 
The finished look I did on myself! 

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Update: this is the finished look I painted on Rose! I think it turned out a lot better the second time, and was a little easier painting on her closed eyes rather than my own! 
Happy Halloween! 

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