"Eyeball Monster" Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The finished look on my housemate, Rose! Halloween is almost here! Need a wild and fantastic costume that costs less than $10 and will be sure to impress (and freak out) your friends? Make yourself into an eyeball monster!  This year my housemate Rose asked me if I would do her makeup for her Halloween costume, and of course, I said YES! The idea began … Continue reading "Eyeball Monster" Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Hempiness.

So there I was, sitting in my apartment with a case full of makeup, trying to figure out an original idea for a Halloween makeup look. At first I thought “zombie raver” and so started with lime green, but once the red and yellow ensued, I decided this look was destined to become a little more “rasta”.  It’s a bit strange that I ended up … Continue reading Halloween Hempiness.