"Eyeball Monster" Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The finished look on my housemate, Rose! Halloween is almost here! Need a wild and fantastic costume that costs less than $10 and will be sure to impress (and freak out) your friends? Make yourself into an eyeball monster!  This year my housemate Rose asked me if I would do her makeup for her Halloween costume, and of course, I said YES! The idea began … Continue reading "Eyeball Monster" Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Alien Maiden

Have you ever wanted to just take every bit of wild and colorful makeup in your collection and put it all on your face all at once? That feeling is what inspired this wild “alien maiden” look that I came up with a couple of months ago (when my hair was still black, obviously!) While looking through old photos, I realized that although I chose … Continue reading Alien Maiden


a recent photography project, in which I used tinsel and glitter to make a dramatic self portrait! + sugarpill cosmetics lashes in “stormy” In honor of my one hundredth posting, I will be starting a new (loosely) bi-weekly section of my blog called, “inspirations” in which I share links to other blogs and discoveries that I have made that change the way I feel about … Continue reading HAPPY ONE HUNDRED!

"Black Swan" makeup tutorial

This makeup was done by the talented Sharon Chen, and modeled by the beautiful Iris Cheng!  This look is actually quite simple- and a very beautiful dramatic effect can be achieved in less than thirty minutes! There were many black swan costumes the night that we celebrated together- and Iris’ makeup along with the added dramatic effect of the feathers made hers the best by … Continue reading "Black Swan" makeup tutorial

Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

My finished look- as “Skeleton Little Red Riding Hood” Still can’t figure out what to be for Halloween night? Try out this awesome skull makeup for an instant costume that is equal parts frightening and fascinatingly cool! I had faced this dilemma myself when scrambling for a costume last minute for a pre-Halloween party I attended just last night. After deciding against the cannabis look … Continue reading Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial