Watermelon Photo-shoot!

MUA : Melanie Leandro By now you have heard several times about the “Watermelon Photo-shoot” I have been mentioning in previous posts, and now I have the photos to show you! This concept of creating a “watermelon person” came about as a visual interpretation of ideas from the extraordinarily creative mind of Sam Breach. Sam is not only a very sweet and lovely person, but also an … Continue reading Watermelon Photo-shoot!

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

In a zombie apocalypse, I wouldn’t mess with me, would you? (photography by FotoKai) 1. Wear ridiculous amounts of makeup to create a look that is equally fierce and elaborate, so that any potential human enemies you encounter will assume you are some kind of authority of a tribe of survivors, and will be less likely to threaten you. 2. Grow your hair out as … Continue reading How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Photo-shoots and Work Pursuits

Image by Steven Wrigley Warner Photography In these past couple of weeks I have been very busy embarking on lots of new and exciting things in my life! This has included participating in lots of photo-shoots, expanding my horizons with work, and doing lots of writing!  Remember how in my last post I mentioned working on a short story? Well, last week I finished it, … Continue reading Photo-shoots and Work Pursuits

Photo-shoot with 8 West Clothing

About a week ago I participated in a photo-shoot for 8West Clothing, an up and coming t-shirt line that is based in the Bay Area. Though the “tee and jeans” look isn’t usually what I might go for as an everyday ensemble, I thought it might be a fun experience when they asked me to model for them to update their website with some new styles! … Continue reading Photo-shoot with 8 West Clothing

Behind-the-Scenes: Post Apocalyptic Concept Shoot

Last night I modeled for a concept shoot with that was created with the idea of portraying a look of “post-apocalypse fashion” intermixed with some tribal influences. While getting my hair and makeup done, I had no idea of what the final look would be- and it was a lot of fun to see just how extreme it kept on getting with each step! (Especially … Continue reading Behind-the-Scenes: Post Apocalyptic Concept Shoot