Not Exactly The Best Week Ever…

I’m sure that we can all agree… some weeks just suck. This one was a hearty mix of both my own blunders and other unfortunate happenings all jumbled together into a rich and meaty stew of overwhelming stressfulness and sadness. I won’t get too far into details, but will instead share this much more pleasant photo from Alexis Coram’s Underwater Collection that she shot of … Continue reading Not Exactly The Best Week Ever…

Subaquatic Vision: A Collection of Images by Alexis Coram

For those of you who have been following my blog or facebook for the past couple of months, you may already know all about my adventures in underwater photography with the very talented Alexis Coram.  This project been a fantastic collaboration in which the photography of Alexis Coram paired with my styling and modeling has produced a collection of images that are so incredibly beautiful, … Continue reading Subaquatic Vision: A Collection of Images by Alexis Coram

Black and White and Underwater

photo by Alexis Coram In case you’ve not following me on facebook (which you can do here) and haven’t seen this one yet, it’s definitely worth a re-post! This is the latest picture that Alexis took from the set that we did a couple of weeks ago. (Remember when I was styling this dress for the shoot?) The fabric looks incredible with the reflections of … Continue reading Black and White and Underwater

Underwater Experiment

photo by Alexis Coram As you may know, last weekend I had the incredible opportunity to work with Alexis Coram on an underwater photography project that she has been wanting to pursue for a while. I was so excited when she approached me about being a part of the shoot- I had also been wanting to do a project with underwater photography ever since I … Continue reading Underwater Experiment